Anti-semitism: the arm of bigots and fearmongers

As the rise of Muslim-bashing after 9/11 in 2001, it’s worrying to see how anti-semitism had become a normal thing.

Very much every person of the Jewish faith have a complicated relation with the state of Israel. The core of anti-semitism goes however much deeper than that as it goes into conspiracy theories about people because they are Jewish. If you take Shylock, or the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, you see that some facets of anti-semitism have not changed at all since centuries.

The other problem with people who are against the policies of the Israeli state and take this against the Jewish community is that they look as stupid and vile as people who attack people of the Muslim faith because they don’t like the policies of the state of a state like Saudi Arabia, Iran or Pakistan.

But the dangerous thing is how anti-semitism (which means attacking symbols related to the Jewish faith) today had become resurgent  by making forward a toxic coalition between some elements of the far-right, the far-left and Islamists.

Any sensible person must fight against these fearmongers of steoreotypes. Exactly like Roma-bashing which had atrocious consequences during World War II and is still widely practiced today in many areas of the world, anti-semitism is something which is alive today.


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