Alberta PC: Same old, same old #abpoli

The Alberta PC government have decided lately to broke one of their promises on the pay freeze for managers in the public service.

Is this decision surprising? No. But it has a political meaning.

With an election coming soon in spring 2016 and by being low in the polls, the Alberta PC is trying to use every thing they can get to remain in power like they did for the previous four decades. And being in power for so long, they know how to use the government to milk out the party funds.

This includes using the famous  »vote for us when it’s a two way race vs. Wildrose ».

Being a party associated with the state, there is no wonder that the Alberta PC government will try to keep his base covered by milking every lobbying group possible, whatever they are trade unions, big oil, or even newspapers.

These groups got one thing in common. They all give money to the PCAA.


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