On #womenagainstfemimism

Many women cringe against #womenagainstfeminism. They are right up to a certain point, but they are wrong in thinking that people who are against contemporary feminism are raising some important points on how certain feminists use this concept to have an anti-women ideology.

The first major problem with contemporary feminism is with the aversion of choice for women. Take how certain feminists cannot understand that certain women want to raise a family and do it by choice, and not because they think they are inferior to men or they are forced to do it. Is contemporary feminism about informed choices or about following a pre-determined path in a form of quasi-paternalism?

Another big problem is how feminism is putting an important issue as the realm of women only. Rape for example. It’s worrying and terrible that some man rape woman and it’s still too frequent, but it’s also worrying that in some cases (like in prisons) man are raped by men themselves.  And in great numbers. And with similar consequences.

The other thing is negativity.  How some people use the concept of feminism to say that men are the enemy of women  is reductive and reactionary. We all have differences as human beings whatever our gender,  and how some feminists (which I suppose are few) are blushing this concept away is anti-human in itself. To say that all men  »are the same » is as stupid as saying that all women should stay at home because they  »are all the same ».

But after all, isn’t a big victory of feminism when a women raises on top of their league, not because she is the token woman, but because she is the best person for the job? This is why feminists of all stripes should applaud people like Margaret Thatcher. Because they have done what feminism was supposed to be at the start, putting the same opportunities whatever your gender and making it a normal thing that a woman be on top.


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