Mandatory Voting. An easy to do but bad solution.

Seems that the Liberal Party of Canada is more and more interested to put mandatory voting forward.

For a party who is so interested in giving the freedom to smoke and buy marijuana and to a woman to choose to abort a fetus, the party seems committed to force people to vote.

The main argument for this is essentially that we must force people to vote because they are too stupid or too lazy to do that themselves and that they must vote to be a good citizen.

The Liberal Party of Canada who believes that adults are smart enough to buy weed or for woman to abort a baby as a matter of individual choice, suddenly thinks that the same government should force people to vote.

As much as some developed countries have mandatory voting, the arguments for mandatory voting are the same that for a military draft among the general population, which is something which provoked a quasi-civil war during both World Wars.

I usually vote myself. But I actually understand why people do not vote. They do it for different reasons, and some of them are very legitimate.

There is also a naive view that compulsory voting will reduce cynicism or will put more legitimacy into politicians. It will not. For some it will be seen as a chore you are forced to do, no more, no less.

Ask any Australian or Belgian to think what they think about their politicians and they will probably have the same answer as in Canada.

Instead of compulsory voting, why not a reform to a voting system where you tend to vote more against than for, as for voting for a given candidate only because he is the only one who could beat the guy you hate.

In the Canadian context, the recent referendums told us that voting reform is really difficult to pass, but there is no doubt that this is much more constructive solution than forcing people to vote in the same old system.


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