To a Federal United Kingdom? #ukpoli #indyref

There is no doubt that there is unfinished business in British politics.

Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland all have devolved parliaments.

But what about England. What if England (or its regions) have its own parliament/s, but with a smaller federal House of Commons?

This idea is hardly radical, as it will be similar to federalism in Canada or Australia.

But yet, it’s clear now that Labour had done a mistake by their process of devolution both in the 1970’s and in the mid 1990’s. Instead of devolving power to all parts of the UK equally, they have created a broken system, a system where there is a false impression in Scotland (or Wales) that everything is London fault when in fact, the devolved assemblies have significant powers in health and in education for instance, even if their tax raising powers are still (sadly) very limited.


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