On the Swedish Election and Scotland #indyref

On the Swedish elections today, the reality is that the third party (the Swedish Democrats) were the big winner as their anti-immigration rhetoric went well among the electorate. Even the Social Democrats who finished first had an historically low score. For the local elections, the Social Democrats did not do very well.

The Greens and the Left Party had not won a lot more than they did in 2010. For the Alliance, the Moderates lost what they won since 2006, and the other parties were able to stay over the 4% threshold.

The future PM will be a big task ahead of him. Cabinet formation will be difficult no matter what, and the future Swedish PM never had any political experience not even as MP.

For the Scottish referendum. Still too close to call. But one thing is sure, it was a really nasty campaign. When you have people associated with the Yes side who picket a BBC station as a vendetta against a journalist because he did his job by asking a tough question, something is not right in Scotland.


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