Greens for austerity

Many have seen the images of this People’s Climate March that happened on a Sunday afternoon.

What is strange with some people at these events is how their compass of ideas seems broken. They talk that capitalism is evil, while forgetting that planned economies were big polluters. They talk about reducing poverty, but they want to live in a quasi-zero-carbon world. They also think that « small is beautiful » while wanting a very interventionist state. They want to have a progressive society, while preaching materalistic austerity.

The other thing is that some groups in this march are against Wall Street and bankers, while in fact, these Wall Street fund a lot of these  »green » projects.

As seen on an interview on Channel 4, it’s agreable that someone with Naomi Klein is at least honest about the intentions of some greens. The environnement is only an excuse to combat affuenza. In pure Malthusian framework (and Klein had probably more to do with Malthus than Marx), it’s not about making the masses richer, it’s about making everybody poorer, all this with a dose of old school High Toryism and religious moralism. What is seen with Klein’s latest book is that unlike Marx, Klein says that capitalism is bad because it ruins the Earth, while someone like Marx knew that mass production and technical progress was perhaps the way to lift the masses up to a better tomorrow.

The religious mantra also seemed to become more and more associated with greens, as judging that according to the message of some greens, we should be ashamed of who we are. This is not unlike some religious leaders who are saying the same thing.

The other thing is how the celebrities who are the « godfathers » of this movement are massive hypocrites. If we all had the same lifestyle as someone like Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio would we have higher or lower carbon emissions? Why are these people so greedy by wanting poor people living a life of black bread and low carbon emissions, when they live the high life which frankly is really carbon-intensive?

The power of the green band is that it is a brand where having good intentions is what really counts, whatever you are coming to the People’s Climate March in a big yacht, or tweeting against the horrors of capitalism on your cool, hip, capitalist made iPhone.

As young people say these days, YOLO (for You Live Only Once). If celebrities like Al Gore and Leo DiCaprio are living like that by using private jets, yachts and by having big mansions, why you should be guilty of not getting the best life that you can within your means? Stop doing what these people are telling you, do what they are doing and follow the high road, not austerity.


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