One Wednesday in October #OttawaShootings

I was born in Ottawa. I grew up in Ottawa. I studied in Ottawa. I work in Ottawa. Ottawa is in my DNA, as over a million other people in this northern capital.

A random Wednesday in October, a group of armed men have decided to go with an attack like in Mumbai, India, in 2008, in my town, a few hundred metres from my workplace. This is unheard of in Ottawa and it is indeed an event that is going round the world in this usually quiet G7 Capital.

Whatever the motives of these people, what drove these people to kill a reservist guarding the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is an act of extreme cowardice. It’s a wimpy move. Whatever their motive, only small-minded people could do something like that.

Yet it is precisely in events like these, in great adversity that we see who are our real champions. Our real champions are the people who living, working or who are visiting the nation’s capital during these events on a Wednesday in October. They kept their cool, some were able to help those in need and the police, firefighters and paramedics were able to be professional while keeping their calm and following their game plan – all this in a position where there is a lot of unknowns.

It is not terror and fear following these events that will stop people regardless of language, origin or creed in Ottawa to continue living their everyday lives in our diverse community. Rather, it’s in events like that that people in Ottawa will become stronger, more united and more fraternal to each other.

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