How banning Julien Blanc will only make him stronger

First of all, I must say that I am not a fan of Julien Blanc tactics.

They are degrading, sensationalist and frankly stupid. But he is not the only who use these tactics.

But I agree that for some men who have little confidence (and I know what this is), Blanc seems like a guy who have succeeded. Some kind of magic guru.

The British government is wrong to ban him from the UK mainly because it will put him in a stronger position.

He could use the fact that he was  »banned in the UK » to make it richer and more popular because people are attracted to the  »forbidden » fruit because they think it has special powers.

This is sadly the case with a given situation when people want to ban specific things, they don’t realize the consequences of a ban of a given thing or person, and how it could lead to more problems or unintended consequences.

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