Labour against the working classes, the booze edition

It was only a question of time since the Health Control Freak Lobby and working classes credentials will clash together in the Labour Party. A Labour Party which had become more and more the realm not of working people, but of lobbyists of all sorts.

The fact that Labour is going against the working classes is hardly a new thing. ASBO were invented in order to piss off the working classes.

But seriously, is drinking more than one pint a beer a day is really something this bad? If it makes you more relaxed, or if this is seen as a sort of social ritual, it could have more positives than negatives.

The real hypocrisy is that only politicians (and not real people) have access to subsidized booze. The average Joe must pay tax on booze.

This is the problem with some public health advocates, they think that humans are robots. Humans are imperfect beings, and even if drinking a ton of alcohol everyday is generally not good for your health, people must live a little…


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