Rochester Blues #ukpoli

First of all, I see British politics as an outsider.

An outsider with ears and eyes.

This is how I see the Thornberry case.

Emily Thornberry was fired from the shadow cabinet, not because of her misstep, but because that Labour has problems with voters that the party had taken for a long time for granted.

Firing Thornberry was an easy, quick way to deal with the problem for a couple of hours.

It was too little, too late for Labour. The way how Ed Miliband reacted to this crisis (I love people who drive White Vans) is a proof that he is clueless about everything.

I, as someone who is autistic, I indeed have some admiration for Ed Miliband, but I am little respect for him after what he had done to his brother.

As much as Tories are depressed right now, Labour is even more depressed. They are very low in the polls considering that the Lib Dems are right now in a coalition with the Tories.

Labour is in trouble in Scotland (where the SNP is eating the left-wing populist vote), in Wales (where their awful NHS management is an handicap to the whole party) and in many places in the North, this while being impossible to have good scores in southern regions.

Even in Outer London, UKIP is a treat. In places like Barking which is a Labour single-party state, UKIP had become the second party.

But the problem is even greater than that, in places like Rotherham and Doncaster, Labour are hardly the party with the new ideas, they are the old clientelistic party machine in place for decades and decades.

And yet, the reason why many Labour party insiders are hating UKIP is that UKIP raise in Labour strongholds is a proof that many Labour voters outside London are hardly liberals. They would rather vote for UKIP than vote for the Greens.

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