Yes, Francis, I am the Selfish One

Pope Francis (a life-long bachelor) had said recently that people who don’t have children are selfish.

I am proud to be selfish in this matter. It’s in fact my duty to be selfish. And I am a Catholic.

I have a genetic condition which makes it much possible that my children will have a worse life than I have. I was the lucky one with my condition, I have an university degree and I can work. Many other don’t have the capacity to do these tasks.

How is this selfish to not have children when you know that they could not have 100% of their chances of their side to have a good life? I don’t see it as being selfish, I see it as being wise – as having an head of your shoulders.

Sadly, with comments like that, the Pope seems little-minded. Little minded, which is a sad thing considering all the wisdom that he could bring with his post.

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