Edward Milibrand

I do respect Russell Brand in some ways. He is a funny comic – and his position on drugs is right. His video thing on YouTube is interesting because it is innovative.

But otherwise, Brand is more like a bearded long-haired version of Jeremy Clarkson.

Brand is not a youth idol, he is not the  »voice of the youth ». He doesn’t speak for my generation. He is close to being 40 – he is about 15 years older than me. Tony Blair became PM in 1997 at 43.

The problem with Brand is that he is full of contradictions. To give you one example, he lives on copyrights (a form of property rights) from everything he has created – just like he owns investments (such as swanky houses in places like London and LA) which only the richest of people could afford.

But most hilarious is this. Remember that Farage and Brand only have a 11 years age difference. 6a011570c131b2970c01bb0806f5ef970d-800wi


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